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Keeping Up With Online Casino News

Keeping up with online casino news is extremely important, if you want to find the best deals, promotions, and offerings which can be had at any one time. Remember, online casinos often change their promotions based on what their competitors are doing. Therefore, as the industry continues to evolve, it makes sense that things could be different from one day to the next.

So how do you keep up with this news, and ensure that you have all the information you need regarding the latest developments? Well, it really is as simple as visiting a few casino news websites every now and then to stay up to date.

We recommend that you visit at least once a week if you are a regular casino player – as a lot can happen in this time. If you only play once in a while, you will probably find this to be a tedious and unnecessary task. In such a case, you may like to visit once a fortnight or even once a month.

Where to Find Casino News

One of the problems that most people encounter is trying to find websites with regularly updated casino news. Most online directories have a news section – and inside this, it is common to find casino related news website.

Alternatively, you may like to do a search on Google or Yahoo – as these two major search engines will certainly have listings which will be useful to you.
What you might find is that online casino news is mixed in with similar news from land-based casinos. You can always tell which stories relate to online casinos, because they will often refer to the company by their URL or website name, rather than the parent company.

Why Keep Up To Date?

Why should you keep up-to-date in the first place? For those who utilise casino competitions, bonuses, and promotions to get maximum benefit from their play, online casino news will allow them to find out what is going on in the industry without spending hours upon hours filtering through websites each and every week.

So why not give it a go today. Take a look at some casino related news, and act on it. You’ll be surprised just how beneficial this could be.

What Makes Microgaming Games Special

Eleven years ago a small software development company called Microgaming saw the future. It recognised the potential of gambling on the Internet and developed the world’s first ever-operational online casino gambling system. It was then that the renowned Microgaming Viper online gaming software was born.

Since then, many online gambling software development companies have tried to emulate Microgaming but few have succeeded. Microgaming Viper software has grown from strength to strength and, in the face of enormous competition, managed to retain its world leader status as a premium supplier of all manner of casino gambling games including online poker, roulette, baccarat, video slots, video poker, keno, craps, blackjack and many more.

Noticeably, Microgaming has made its mark by leading the field particularly in the video slot games category by launching some of the most exciting and technologically advanced state-of-the-art video slot games to date.

For example, in September last year Microgaming released its King Cashalot video slots game, a 5 reel, 9 line, multiple coin, progressive video slot game with a wild multiplier and scatter symbol. It includes an exciting three chance, player?s choice bonus feature.

In October of the same year, Microgaming launched its Tomb Raider video slots game which hundreds of eager casinos raced to add to their gaming complement, and online gamblers flocked to play. The game features 15-paylines, 5-reels, multi-coin video slots and Scatter and Wild Symbols in addition to an awesome Bonus Feature with a Free Spins experience.

And in March this year, the company launched Mermaid’s Millions video slots, featuring multiple opportunities for players to win a string of jackpots, free spins and bonuses with bets ranging from as little as a cent up to a dollar. The game boasts jackpot payouts of up to 37 500 on a max bet, which can be tripled to 112 500 if hit on a free spin.

It is not surprising then that many of the most popular casinos on the Internet today are Microgaming Viper Casinos.

Best Slots

As one of the easiest and most common online casino games, online slots is a growing online phenomenon. More and more online gamblers are choosing to play one of the hundreds of variants of online slots games.

These include the classic 3-reel, single line games to 5-reel, multiple line slots and of course the highly lucrative progressive jackpot slots games.

However, in order to make any online gambling experience as fruitful as possible, online slot players need to choose online casinos that offer the best slots odds or to put it another way, the most lucrative payout percentages.

This in effect ensures that the casino’s edge is kept to a minimum and the players advantage is thus maximized. Below we have highlighted the best slots odds or payout percentages for 5 of the top casinos on the Net today:

  • All Slots Casino – 96.18%
  • Slots Royale Casino – 94.01%
  • Golden Riviera Casino – 95.54%
  • River Nile Casino – 94.75%
  • Miami Paradise Casino – 97.32%

The Slot Game I Love Best Than Any Other Slot Game

Slot games were always my most liked game in online casino rooms. Slot machines became my favorite ever since I Play them. The reason is very simple. No other game is as enjoyable as slot machines. I understand many people will argue about this. I am pretty sure that most of them has not played these games seriously. few people think that slot games are not worth playing even without playing them. Slot machines will give you the feeling of blood is boiling. The feeling is present in every round. Today I will tell you the best slot machine I have ever played.

I have played a lot of slot games. They are very popular, so the improvement was pretty rapid. The graphics, sound effect, theme and everything else is always advancing. There are different slot game industry for developing only the slot games. There is a notion that slot games are nothing but only spin. But this idea is far from the truth. The only truth is that a slot game can’t even live without a proper theme. Specific themes are used for each and every slot games. Popular Companies are even going for the most renowned brands. I am sure you remember the Net Entertainment’s deal with Universal picture for the Frankenstein brand. Slot games are secured too. Most secured technology is used in slot games to achieve safe transaction of money.

I will choose a slot game if it has a proper theme. Without a theme, slot game is nothing to me. The Dark Knight Rises slot was pretty good in my opinion. This is the most suitable slot game for Halloween. Robin hood is another slot game that I enjoy. I will also vote for Robin Hood. Fruit Case is another game that I play a lot. These games have interesting features with new ideas and symbols. But gonzos quest is the best slot I have ever tried. This is a new slot game with totally cool features. Net Entertainment has released this game.They have also used their best technology too.

Gonzalo Piero, Spanish conqueror is the most important character of this slot. He conducted the adventure for Lost City of Gold in Peru in 1541. This is the most perfect theme for Slot game in my opinion. The real mission of gonzos quest is to search the City of Gold. This game is not attached to traditional spinning. “Avalanche”, a new feature will do the main trick. This feature will use the idea of free fall of symbols and the paid symbols will disappear. You will get next avalanche to fill those gaps. The winning combination will also be multiplied. The graphics will amaze the game players certainly. You will feel like an conquest at the jungle with its sound effect. You will not find traditional Ace, King, Queen and other symbols in gonzos quest. Instead the symbols have been taken from the old Mayan culture.

Play Texas Holdem Poker

Popular culture gives us a romantic view on the game as the way of life. It feels like the glamorous world of casinos and prestigious card game tournaments is just waiting for your step. More and more people want to play Texas holdem poker, the most celebrated variation of the classic poker today. You can play Texas holdem poker in any establishment, which offers card games. But as soon as you’ve got not enough people at the table or lack money in your pocket you are not welcome there. And it gets even more complicated for those, only getting introduced to the game. Not willing to spend their money, they are always in search of the chances to play Texas holdem poker free.

Due to the development of high technologies you can do that with no risk for your family budget. It is no news that you can play Texas holdem poker online. Almost every online casino offers you to play Texas holdem poker free for some trial time. It is more than enough to get used to the game. For those, willing to keep fun gaming, there are always poker sites, ready to entertain. An Internet connection will allow you to play wherever you want and whenever you have enough time. When you decide to play Texas holdem poker online a door to numerous big poker tournaments and a chance to compete with professionals opens in front of you. A lot of beginners don’t know how to play Texas holdem poker. Don’t give up, if you are not familiar with the game rules. There are plenty of sites ready to give you the information on how to play Texas holdem poker. They will give you useful tips on the game and show the general direction, in which your further winning strategy should be developed. Try to plunge into the game – new impressions await you.